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FOX Uses Obama To Campaign For Giuliani and Romney

Reported by Deborah - November 21, 2007 -

John Kasich, subbing for O'Reilly, expressed the obligatory outrage at comments made by Barack Obama to high school students about slacking off and experimenting with drugs when he was their age and then getting it together in college. A clip of Obama's comment was followed by reactions from first Giuliani and then Romney. Rudy praising Obama, was made to look like the perfect choice for undecided Independents and Mitt Romney's self righteous condemnation was a perfect fit for undecided conservatives. John Kasich is a Romney guy all the way.

Here's the comment from Obama that has been overblown and twisted by the opposition.

“I will confess to you that I was kind of a goof off in high school,” he said. “It came fairly easily to me, but I never really worked as hard as I should have.”

“I made some bad decisions,” he said. “There were times when I got into drinking and experimented with drugs. There was a whole stretch of time where I didn’t really apply myself. It wasn’t until I got out of high school and went to college that I started to realize, man, I wasted a lot of time. I did a lot of catching up when I got to college.”

Keli Goff, Democratic Strategist, said the comment was " refreshing" adding that people are tired of Larry Craigs and David Vitters. Amanda Carpenter, Townhall.com, suspected something more sinister claiming Obama's comment was connected to the Robert Novak gossip about the Clintons.

Kasich was exceptionally worked up acting as if Obama had done something unforgivable. Apparently, Kasich doesn't think kids deserve an open and honest role mentor. He raved that kids want heroes and role models, not friends and accused Obama of "trying to relate" which he somehow thinks is a bad thing. However, his biggest concern was that Obama didn't have to say it and should have "shut his mouth".

Kasich insisted that Obama's comment was totally unwarranted and unsolicited but according to an article on foxnews.com that's not entirely the case. It seems the Principal of the school asked him to give the students a sense of his " human side" and what his student life was like.

comment: I wonder if this story woud have gotten any traction if Giuliani hadn't come out with such a generous and balanced reaction to Obama. It's also interesting that Rudy made this comment about mistakes in light of the recent scandal with Judith Regan and his spotty past.

“The reality is all of us that run for public office, whether it's governor, legislator, mayor, president — we are all human beings. If we haven’t made mistakes, don’t vote for us because we've got some big ones that are going to happen in the future and we won't know how to handle them.”

Mitt Romney's response could have come out of Bill O'Reilly's mouth.

“It’s just not a good idea for people running for president of the United States, who potentially could be the role model for a lot of people, to talk about their personal failings while they were kids, because it opens the doorway to other kids thinking, ‘Well I can do that too,’”

Does Romney miss the point? Barack Obama's comments should inspire kids to emulate him but that's a very good thing. All the kids who are messing up in high school can look at Obama as the ultimate role model giving them hope that they can do the same thing.