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Fox Guest Says Cold War Is On Again

Reported by Donna - November 21, 2007 -

The cold war is on again? That's according to Chrystia Freelandafter Jon Scott asked if the cold war was on again.

Scott said that Putin Claims that NATO is Muscle-Flexing near the borders and is threatening to build up it's miliary again. Former Moscow Bureau Chief for the Times, Chrystia Freeland was his guest.

She said that Putin is working hard to harness his political power in 2008. He thinks thats a way to push up his popularity. Mostly about saying him saying 'I'm the tough guy.' Scott said he had to step down as the president according to the constitution but Chrystia said that constitutions can be changed.

She also said that Putin can get himself into a United Russia as a Prime Minister or the constitution can be changed.

Comment: Didn't all the right wingers tell us that the cold war was over? Well, here we have it - it's back on. Guess Reagan didn't do it after all.