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Fox & Friends Bashes Another Democrat Today

Reported by Donna - November 21, 2007 -

Fox and Friends didn't stop at bashing one Democrat today. They had to bash John Edwards in addition to the bashing of Barack Obama in my prior post.

Maybe it wasn't so much bashing as they were making fun of John Edwards and his mother.

One of Edwards campaigns for raising funds is a recipe booklet from his mother of some of her favorite recipes. The price? $20.08 for the year of the presidential race 2008.

Comment: Fox and Friends found this hilarious and showed no class when reporting the story. Did they offer a fair and balance to the story? Once again, no. Why didn't they have a Democratic strategist (as poor as some of the Fox ones are) on to talk about this method of raising funds? No, the Fox and Friends crew is completely unprofessional when it comes to being called a news show.

Frankly, I think it's a lot more honest than going to your rich, oil and energy friends for the money.

Camerota started up about how you could have recipes on her blog for free and they all laughed. And it's one thing to come out against a presidential campaigner but it's a little low when you go after his mother.