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Shepard Smith Makes The Big Bucks

Reported by Donna - November 20, 2007 -

Fox always likes to say how much the anchors make at the big networks. But it seems that the cable channel, Fox, isn't far behind when it comes to the salaries of some of it's anchors.

A tip of the hat to fellow Newshound, Melanie, for passing this on to me.

By Bill Carter from the NY Times

Roger Ailes, the chairman of the Fox News Channel, calls Shepard Smith his “go-to guy,” the person he wants leading the channel’s coverage any time news breaks.

Mr. Ailes has put his network’s money where he wants its chief voice to be. Last week, Mr. Smith signed a new contract that will take him, a former local news reporter from Holly Springs, Miss., into financial territory usually occupied only by network news anchors. Although Fox did not release the exact terms of the new deal, an executive briefed on the them said that Mr. Smith, who is 43, had signed a new contract for a little more than three years at a salary of $7 million to $8 million a year.

That figure may not quite reach Katie Couric’s $15 million level, but it is in the vicinity of the contracts with Brian Williams at NBC and Charles Gibson at ABC — and it is spectacularly lofty for cable television news. Mr. Smith would be making more than anyone at CNN — if reports of $5 million for Anderson Cooper and $6 million for Lou Dobbs are accurate.