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U.S. Is Helping Guard Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons & The Pentagon Is Recruiting Tribal Leaders To Fight Al Qaeda

Reported by Donna - November 19, 2007 -

Shepard Smith said the NY Times said that the Pentagon is recruiting Tribal Leaders to fight Al Qaeda. (Comments: Since when does Fox use the NY Times to report from?) The U.S. is also helping Nat Guard guard nuclear weapons.

He went to Maj General Bob Scales for the report. Smith asked him if we were really doing these things - helping guard these nuclear weapons in Pakistan?

The banner on the bottom of the screen said 'Report: U.S., Recruiting Tribal Leaders To Fight Al Qaeda.

Scales said we haven't been exactly guarding but we've been providing about 100 million dollars worth of aid to improve the security of these facilities. Mainlly it's things like bunkering, fencing, and different types of early detection devices rather than guarding them.

Smith said we were sending them our money and Scales said that Paikistan doesn't want us near their nuclear weapons because they're afraid we'll disarm them. (Comment: Don't you love allies?)

The banner on the bottom of the screen said 'U.S. Has Benn Trying To Help Pakistan Fight Militancy'

Smith asked Scales if things are getting better in Iraq because of ethnic cleansing and sectarian divide, or what is it? Scales said no, it's all about the situation on the ground and Al Qaeda has been kicked out of Bahgdad and the U.S. has them on the run.

Smith said that was great to hear. Smith wanted to know if we had turned a corner or if there was a lot of work to be done ahead. Scales said that if all goes as it is going it can only get better.

Comment: Another favorable report on Iraq from a Fox Military Analyst. What a surprise - we are protecting Pakistans nuclear program. Don't let anyone fool you, it's about the oil and who has the nuclear capability. And they didn't discuss the Pentagon recruiting Tribal Leaders to fight Al Qaeda. What's up with that? It was mentioned in the opening and there was a banner but it wasn't discussed.