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Ingraham: Hillary Clinton is "Bush in a skirt"

Reported by Chrish - November 19, 2007 -

Speaking of the Code Pink heckler who interrupted Hillary Clinton at a policy discussion on global warming over the weekend, host Gretchen Carlson said on FOX and Friends this morning 11/19 "I don't understand why they go up against the Democrats," insinuating that all Democrats are on the same anti-war page as Code Pink. Laura Ingraham explained, in a later segment.

Ingraham asserted that the other Democratic candidates need to go after Clinton issue by issue; she's really George Bush Lite - on the war, on immigration, on China, on free trade deals... they need to paint her as another version of George Bush, George Bush in a skirt, they really have to paint her as that, and they're really not willing to do that for some reason."

We all know who is really George Bush in a skirt, FOX fave Rudy Giuliani:


And Carpetbagger's Steve Benen says Giuliani's foreign policy team is made up of "all the guys who were too nuts or too extreme to make the cut with George W. Bush."

Some of them, from a Brenen article at Alternet:

* Norman Podhoretz: The "Godfather of modern neoconservatism," who believes America has to go to war with Iran as quickly as possible.

* Daniel Pipes: A man who has "a long and distinguished career of advocating war against every Arab and Muslim country in the world." He's also called for racial profiling of Muslim government employees in the United States, who, in true McCarthyite fashion, he believes may be a secret threat to the country.

* Thomas Joscelyn: Giuliani's terrorism advisor, Joscelyn has argued repeatedly that Saddam Hussein was connected to al Qaeda, and now believes Iran is connected to al Qaeda.

* Michael Rubin: Giuliani's Iran advisor, Rubin has been closely connected to Ahmad Chalibi, and signed on with Douglas Feith's Office of Special Plans in 2002. Rubin, too, has been aggressively for an Iranian invasion.

Calling Clinton Bush-lite while ignoring the extremely hawkish and dangerous Giuliani and portraying him as "America's Mayor" is only intended to get Roger Ailes good pal elected, if FOX has anything to say about it, to further the PNAC agenda.