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Fox Bashes Hillary - Again -Uses Robert :Novak Story (Yeah, we believe him,the man who publicly outed Valerie Plame's cover as a covert agent)

Reported by Donna - November 19, 2007 -

Shepard Smith said that Barack Obama was lashing out again against Hillary Clinton after an article put out by the journalist (and Fox employee) Robert Novak, that was stirring up trouble.

Novak said that agents (agents?) of Hillary Clinton had scandalous material on Barack Obama that the Clinton campaign was not going to use.

The banner read 'What's Really Going On Btwn Obama & Clinton Campaign'

Major Garrett reported on it from Knoxville, Iowa. Garrett said Hillary Clinton has said nothing about this but has told her spokespersons to deny this and that Obama has overeacted to this which speaks to his weakness, that he lacked experience. Garrett said this was being said because in an Iowa poll experience is very important and when asked who was more experienced and ready to be president, Hillary got 80% and Obama got 42%. (Comment: I know, that doesn't equal 100%, but that's what Fox said)

The banner said 'Story Says Clinton 'Agents' Claim To Have Dirt On Obama'

Garrettt said the Clinton campaign is exploiting that tact and that's why they're taking that stand on this story. (Garrett knows why, of course)

Smith asked Garrett why Obama wouldn't dare Clinton to release what they had? Garret said they did. Obama's people want to say that they run the cleaner campaign and Hillary Clinton runs it this way and aggresively challenged the Clinton campaign to say if they had it.

Smith says Hillary has a decisive lead - Clinton with 44.3%, Obama with 22.9%, and Edwards with 12.1%. On the Republican side they had Giulianie with 28.6%, Thompson with 15.9%, McCain with 13.6% and and Romney with 12.6%.

Carl Camerone said there was a push pull survey supposedly done on Mitt Romney's Morman faith and favorable information on John McCain. Cameron said that he denies it but there are questions. There was some discussion that Romney did it himself so that he could be viewed as the 'victim.' Romney's camp said this was ridiculous.

Comment: So, another day of Hillary bashing but no bashing of Rudy Giuliani. They figured they'd put a short blurb on Romney and McCain, but since they're not high up in the race, aren't worried about it.

Is Giulianie squeaky clean? No. He snuck his mistress into the Mayor's mansion while his wife and children were there. His children don't even like him and why did he marry his cousin? He's on his third marriage, in the party of family values.

Do you think Fox would not beat on this information if it happened to Hillary ? You bet they would.

And as far as Robert Novak, the man has nothing to lose. He no longer has a reputation as a journalist. He should be writing for tabloids after the treason he pulled.