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Bibles vs Condoms - Another Important Business Story on FOX News

Reported by Marie Therese - November 19, 2007 -

On November 17, 2007 Neil Cavuto used his Saturday morning show, Cavuto on Business, to cover yet another inappropriate and ridiculous sex-related topic, i.e. the fact that some hotels are replacing their Gideon bibles with intimacy kits that include condoms. Cavuto's obsession with all things porn is actually pretty sad. One wonders occasionally how Mrs. Cavuto feels when her husband interviews large-busted babes like Mary Carey, airs salacious footage of semi-nude pole dancers or makes a snide remark about her shopping sprees and credit card usage? The price of a barrel of oil is fast approaching $100.00, sub-prime loans are still affecting the financial sector, the dollar is dropping like a stone and some economists are predicting recession. But, business guru Neil Cavuto is worried about condoms in hotel rooms! With video.