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Quentin Hardy Fights David Asman Off and Speaks the Truth

Reported by Melanie - November 17, 2007 -

Hurray for Quentin Hardy! He fought through Fox's wall of interruption and over talk (others have tried) and told Fox's audience that George Bush's war has cost them $1 trillion.

What happened this morning (November 17, 2007) on Forbes on Fox might literally be the first time Fox's viewers have heard how many of "their tax dollars" have been spent on the Iraq war as Fox works mightily to suppress such talk, as you can see from the video below.

Hardy, like all the "guests" on the show, is employed by Forbes. This morning the panel discussed "who's right on taxing the rich," Bush or Democrats? Host David Asman set the stage by playing a very short clip of a recent interview with Bush in which Bush said it would be wrong to raise taxes on investors, small business people, and consumers. (Fox spends a lot of time these days scaring its viewers, using the age-old Republican ploy, claiming that if a Democrat is elected president, taxes will go up and the economy will collapse.)

When Hardy's turn to speak rolled around, he said:

Revere the office, respect the man, but don't lose sight of the facts. You were talking to a guy who has taken us into a war of choice. Which besides [inaudible]...

Asman interrupts:



I'm going there! It's cost a, it's cost a trillion dollars. He passed cowardly tax cuts...

Asman interrupts again:




He's passed tax cuts that will expire. He's given us a trillion dollar war deficit. Who is he to talk about economic policy?! In real terms, the stock market has done nothing in eight years.

Comment: Good for Hardy! But don't hold your breath waiting to hear more "news" like this anytime soon. Fox's meme about Democrats destroying the economy depends on its viewers not knowing how much damage Bush has done. Undoubtedly there will be more yelling to come.