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Oliver North claims Democrats out to destroy Bush's legacy

Reported by Chrish - November 16, 2007 -

In a typically unbalanced (4:0) discussion on FOX and Friends this morning 11/16/07, convicted felon Oliver North was on the couch to discuss the war funding bill that the House has passed on to Congress. They agreed it will never get by Bush (it has already stalled in the Senate) but took the opportunity to bash Democrats.

Steve Doocy, introducing the segment, said "with the troop surge a success, at least that's what
everybody says, why are Democrats still denying the war's progress?" No spin there.

North, who never met a war he didn't like, said the bill

"is an appeasement of the farleft, the Code Pink Left, the Democrat Party; it appeases Osama bin Laden and all of the radical jihadis out there in radical Islam, and it's an attempt to undo the only legacy that George Bush will have. And that to me is part of what their strategy is been. It's not just about the next election, it's not just about that farleft fringe that is so financially beneficial to them. It's also about undoing the legacy of [Bush]. The only thing [he] is going to point back to - and it'll make a difference 50 years from now - is the success in the war against radical Islam. ... He's the guy who started it, to fight back, and he's the one who had the vision to do that. In 50 years from now people'll realize that, and they want to undo that legacy, and they're gonna fight hard to do it."

So Democrats don't want to end the war because it is an unsustainable money pit benefitting Bush's crony profiteers or immoral or a lost cause or because, heaven forbid, their constituents, 70%+ of Americans, want it ended; the Democrats (and the 4 Republicans who voted with them) are out to get Bush.

North is also "outraged" that Democrats are not going to bring another spending bill up, if this one fails or stalls, until next year. The Secretary of Defense said if he doesn't get the full $196 billion the Pentagon will have to cut civilian jobs and North claims that the troops won't get the equipment they need.

The 2008 Defense Appropriations Act, signed into law by Bush Tuesday 11/13/07, allocates $471 billion to American defense. That money can be tapped for the war in Iraq if necessary. Maya Schenwar reports at Truthout.org:

"Just because Congress did not address the future of the war in the bill does not mean the two are unrelated. Funds from the baseline defense budget can be transferred to cover war costs, as the president's press secretary, Dana Perino, acknowledged upon the signing of the bill.

"[The president] signed it because it is essential to deliver these funds to our military during a time of war," Perino said.

The administration could legally draw unlimited war funds from the general budget, according to Larry Korb, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. In an "emergency," the Pentagon could spend funds that were meant to be spent at the end of the fiscal year at the beginning, and if the general military budget ran dry after a few months, the Pentagon could return to Congress and ask for replenished funds."

If push comes to shove maybe Ollie can do another end-run around Congress - he's not above that.