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Something Else Not Covered on FNC

Reported by Nancy - November 15, 2007 -

Why am I not surprised that FNC, a major cable "news" network, isn't covering the $100 million lawsuit filed by Judith Regan against Rupert Murdoch? Compare & contrast their nearly-nonexistent coverage of Regan's lawsuit -- & its huge potential economic, political & social effects -- with their over-the-top coverage of, say, anything related to OJ Simpson, or Martha Stewart's indictment & trial, or even that FOX classic, the "missing cute white girl" story. If you only watch FOX News, you'd probably wonder who Regan is. Even their website has buried the story.

Since Roger Ailes has seen fit to have his minions essentially ignore this issue, we'll have to turn elsewhere for coverage. My current personal fave? Andy Borowitz, who else?

Satan Refuses to Take Sides in Regan-Murdoch Lawsuit Prince of Darkness 'Caught in the Middle' of Longtime Associates

The lawsuit filed yesterday by O.J. Simpson publisher Judith Regan against her former employer, Rupert Murdoch, has created a "difficult personal dilemma for me," Satan said in a press conference today.

For the Prince of Darkness, who has had longstanding ties to both Ms Regan and Mr Murdoch, the lawsuit "leaves me feeling very much caught in the middle," Satan told reporters.

Moments after Ms Regan filed suit in State Supreme Court in Manhattan against Mr Murdoch's company, publishing industry insiders were buzzing with speculation over whether or not Satan would choose between two of his most loyal henchmen.

But at his press conference, held at the Marriott Hotel at Chicago's O'Hare airport, the Lord of Misrule made it clear that the dispute between Mr Murdoch and Ms Regan was "personally wrenching for me."

"Judith and Rupert have always been like family to me," said Satan, wearing his traditional red horns and carrying a smoldering pitchfork. "And you expect families to have their quarrels -- but nothing like this."

The Prince of Darkness said that Ms Regan's lawsuit against Mr Murdoch had complicated his Thanksgiving plans.

"I thought that I would have them both over, but clearly that's not going to happen," he said.

Satan added that the Regan-Murdoch rift was only the latest unfortunate turn of events in a year that he described as his "annus horribilis."

"First the Michael Vick thing, and now this," he said.

Elsewhere, a new poll shows that 50% of Americans oppose issuing a driver's license to illegal aliens, while 100% oppose issuing one to Britney Spears.

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