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Neil Cavuto Helps Inaugurate the New Site, FoxNewsPorn.com

Reported by Melanie - November 15, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto, Fox's "business news" anchor, gave a hat tip this afternoon -- so to speak -- to Brave New Films' new site, FoxNewsPorn.com which debuted today (November 15, 2007). FoxNewsPorn.com features actual video taken from the flag wavin', God fearin', apple pie eatin', Bible totin' Fox News Channel.

Yes, Cavuto kicked off the day with a clip that would fit nicely into a second edition of FoxNewsPorn.com. Now, Cavuto wasn't flip about today's sex. No sir. He aired it in all seriousness during the 45 second "Biz Blast" segment which was the only -- yes, the only -- "business news" in today's "business news" show. Cavuto didn't even announce the closing numbers on Wall Street.

When soft porn is one of three items covered during the business news portion (such as it is) of Fox's "premiere" business news show, you begin to get an idea of how much sex is a part of the business of being Fox.

Here is the video. It shows Cavuto reporting these three "business news" items: (1) George Bush opening military air space for five days -- "the Thanksgiving express lane" -- to help ease holiday travel; (2) 83% of people who earn $150,000 or more, "have a music education," and (3) Kyla Ebbert, the woman who was "booted" from Southwest Airlines for "showing too much skin," will pose for Playboy.