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Mark Cuban Honors Our Troops While Bill O'Reilly Shouts "Betrayl"

Reported by Deborah - November 15, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly's portrayl of Mark Cuban as a heartless, anti-American extremist carelessly betraying our troops is a gross distortion. Today, the fourth day of O'Reilly's incessant badgering of Cuban, Bill posted his weekly column all about Cuban entitled, " Betraying The Troops". While Bill's faithful fans are reading the propaganda about Cuban, he'll be busy hosting a special night honoring the Texas National Guard and it's not the first time Cuban has found ways to recognize our troops.

Last night Dennis Miller appeared with O'Reilly and revealed that he was reading Cuban's website. If that's true then Miller would have seen Cuban's post about tonights event called The Great Green Out. So obviously Miller knows all about Mark Cuban's troop support but chose not to mention it so O'Reilly's lie would be protected.

O'Reilly trying to make Cuban look like a rich, insensitive player writes,

"Mark Cuban owns the Dallas Maverick basketball team and has been seen gyrating on TV's "Dancing With the Stars." While Cuban is doing the cha-cha, almost 200,000 brave Americans are on far-away battlegrounds. Picture the image of Cuban dancing around juxtaposed with scenes of the hardship our troops face everyday. Sounds like it would make an interesting movie sequence, don't you think?"

Maybe we can add these images of the soldiers now home who Cuban has taken the time to recognize and honor through Seats for Soldiers The person betraying the troops is Bill O'Reilly trying to divide us with hate, fear and suspicion. Mark Cuban is not the problem

O'Reilly urged his minions to protest Redacted at tonight's game in Dallas. It should be interesting