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It's Open Season on Undocumented Immigrants

Reported by Marie Therese - November 15, 2007 -

In a desperate bid to find something - anything -that might offer them a glimmer of hope in 2008, the Republican party has hitched its star to the dark side. Moderate Republicans and a small contingent of pandering, lily-livered Democrats have joined forces with the anti-immigrant hate-mongers like Tom Tancredo to demonize the weakest and most vulnerable element of our society, the estimated 12 million citizens of other countries who live and work among us without proper immigration documentation. Yesterday on Special Report, Bush-buddy and biographer Bill Sammon joined panelists Mort Kondracke and Bill Kristol to discuss New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's withdrawal of his plan to offer state-only licenses to undocumented immigrants. With video.

Governor Spitzer had attempted to institute a program similar to ones in effect in nine other states including Oregon and New Mexico which has helped those states to keep tabs on a population that normally hides in the shadows. Spitzer and others contend that the licenses - which cannot be used as ID for airlines flights, etc. - guarantee that a higher percentage of the immigrant population will have passed a driving test, have insurance and be easier to locate.

Spitzer - who is a decent man - clearly underestimated how effectively media outlets like FOX News and talk radio have inflamed the American populace against immigrants. As a result, there was an outpouring of sentiment against the plan, thus forcing Spitzer to abandon it and put the onus of enforcement once again on the shoulders of the federal government.


I've listened to the likes of Bill Sammon and Tom Tancredo as they've escalated the rhetoric about the "dangers" inherent in allowing undocumented immigrants into the country. Tancredo has even aired an ad that states that there are terrorists among who have come across the border. offering no proof of his statement, however.

The real question is: Why are all of these rich men and women working so hard to demonize the poorest among us? Could it be that they know that the coming recession will result in such catastrophic job losses that there will be, at long last, American citizens scrambling to pick grapes, swab out toilets and babysit the children of the wealthy? Or is it simply an election year ploy designed to drum up votes for the GOP?

Rabid, hate-filled leaders like Tom Tancredo want to declare 12 milliion undocumented immigrants as "criminals." In their warped view of the world, this would allow them to dispatch federal agents to homes in the middle of the night to round up the "criminals" among us. Tancredo and his ilk would have no compunction about putting the detainees in "camps" patrolled by guards and dogs. One wonders what further steps they would take after this human round-up?

What would we "good Americans" do if 12 million people began disappearing from our neighborhoods?