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Brit Hume Devotes 45 Seconds to Judith Regan's Lawsuit

Reported by Marie Therese - November 15, 2007 -

News Corporation, parent company of FOX News, is being sued by book publisher Judith Regan for $100 million. SmokingGun.com has the full 72-page transcript of the lawsuit in which Regan claims, among other things, that she was asked to lie about her relationship with former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik in order to protect the Presidential ambitions of Rudy Giuliani. Regan's attorneys say she has documentation and/or tapes to back up her claims. FOX News' senior correspondent Brit Hume devoted a whopping 45 seconds to the story during yesterday's Special Report. However, Dan Abrams on MSNBC went into more depth in a November 13th segment on MSNBC featuring Robert Greenwald (producer of the FOX Attacks videos and Outfoxed, the movie that led to our blog), conservative commentator Pat Buchanan, former federal prosecutor Aitan Goelman and Salon.com editor-in-chief Joan Walsh. With videos.

The consensus of the Abrams panel was that Ms. Regan is a tough cookie who has timed this lawsuit to pose the greatest threat to News Corporation and Rudy Giuliani's campaign. There was also agreement that Ms. Regan was privy to conversations, etc. with FOX News executives and that neither FOX News nor the Giuliani campaign would want such a lawsuit hitting the news outlets during this upcoming campaign cycle.

Robert Greenwald put it very well when he said: "It's very bad for FOX News. It proves a pattern that has existed. It takes it to a higher level and it makes very clear to those three or four people who still doubt that FOX News serves as a political arm with a political agenda. When you get this high - when you get to the owners of FOX News, News Corps, and you have them connected to political messaging, it doesn't get any higher and it doesn't get any worse."

He also explained what we here at News Hounds have known for years, that all of the on-air talent at FOX News have their daily marching orders from FNC's management team, telling them how to approach various topics in a way that reinforces the Republican party's platform and talking points.



Rupert Murdoch protecting Rudy Giuliani?
Rupert Murdoch protecting Rudy Giuliani?