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If it's big, it's on The Big Story**

Reported by Chrish - November 14, 2007 -

**Some restrictions may apply.

One of many changes recently on The Big Story is the addition of that motto, but it should be qualified: If it's big, and scandalous, and gossipy, and involves famous people, and doesn't hurt Republicans, it's on The Big Story.

The round-up today 11/14/07 included OJ Simpson (twice), Elliott Spitzer, Staci Peterson, Hugo Chavez, Perez Musharraf, the Chilean earthquake, damage control for John McCain not taking a questioner to task for calling Hillary Clinton "the bitch," Kanye West's mom's doctor, and Hillary Clinton's alleged "media strategy."

Not a word on The Big Story about former News Corp employee Judith Regan (of ReganBooks) suing News Corp for $100,000,000. (Also not a word on Cavuto, who said of OJ Simpson: When "we here at Fox" heard he posted a $125,000 bail, we said, "That's money. Boom! That's a big business story!" This story is 800 times as big!)

The suit is available at The Smoking Gun. But FOX would like you to keep it hush-hush, please, as it may tarnish their candidate.

The only mentions on the FOXNews.com website currently are two articles (they are virtually the same article) in the Entertainment section, and a "dismissal" by Rudy Giuliani in Politics, who agrees it should be relegated to the "gossip" section.

A fine example of how FOX is propaganda and by choosing which stories to pound (Hillary Clinton and, for one example, the NY driver license issue) and which to quickly "report" and just as quickly dismiss, they control the information flow to favor their candidate, boss Roger Ailes pal Giuliani. Drip, drip, drip vs. blip.