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Doocy's Immaturity Shows Through On Fox & Friends - Says Whoppi and Joy From The View Looked Shrill And Intolerant While Right Winger Ingraham Was Terrific

Reported by Donna - November 14, 2007 -

Gretchen Carlson from Fox and Friends said that Laura Ingraham was back from a four on one fight on The View. Gretchen asked her if it was really four against one, because that's what it looked like. Ingraham said she didn't know, they (Sherry, Joy, Whopi and Barbara) had their own way of talking about stuff and obviousy Joy and Whoopi (Comment: Ingraham just about forgot her name because Doocy had to give it to her) were on the left. Ingraham said nothing about a fight.

She said it's good to go into those kinds of arenas. She said conservatives should do it more.

The banner at the bottom read ' A DIFFERENT KIND OF VIEW, Ingraham shakes things up'

Ingraham said she tried to reach out to the audience. Doocy said he saw it and thought she was terrific (gush-gush). Doocy went on to say that Whoopi and Joy just looked shrill and intolerant.

Ingraham said that Whoppi treated her alright but she didn't know about Joy, maybe they just didn't like each other.

The banner promoted her book: LAURA INGRAHAM, 'Power To The People' Author

Ingraham said she had fun and it's good to go on these shows where the comfort level is not as good as Fox and talk radio shows. (Comment: Did Ingraham just say it's comfortable for right wingers to appear on Fox? The fair and balanced network?)

The banner at the bottom now read: RISING ABOVE THE NOISE, Ingraham Makes Common Sense'

She said that people who watch The View are concerned about the culture today and want to do something about it.

The banner at the bottom now read: HEARTLAND OUTREACH, Laura Talks Conservative Values'

Kilmeade said a lot of them are apolitical and want to hear both sides and they don't get it when Elizabeth goes and has a child. (Comment: What was she supposed to do? Not have her child?) He also asked Ingraham if she was treated nice in the green room and Ingraham said she was, she got coffee, that they were awesome to her and they were very nice. (No Kilmede, they put her up in a closet with no makeup artist and dangerous Chinese toys to play with)

The banner at the bottom now read: MESSAGE TO BE HEARD, Ingraham Speaks Up On "The View"

Ingraham said that the viewers want to hear both sides so it works well when there is some contentiousness there. She said what they've had is a liberal viewpoint and then you have a conservative Elizabeth who kind of gets drowned out. Ingraham said she wouldn't let that happen. (Comment: Eating your own, Ingraham?) Then she quickly said Elizabeth does very well on that show but they need some more balancing out so that people can hear many different viewpoints. The Fox and Friends were all in agreement.

Comments: It was hilarious to hear Fox and Friends and Ingraham complain that The View was not being more 'balanced'. This, coming from the most unfair and unbalanced network out there.

Doocy was his usual immature self saying Whoopi and Joy looked shrill and intolerant. Hard when the shoe is on the other foot, isn't it, Doocy? He said Ingraham was terrific and wasn't a crazy spinning hot head. (Comment: Why? Is she usually?)

Don't Fox and Friends know how shrill and intolerant they look and sound everyday? I didn't get to see The View on Monday (they said that's when it aired), but I would have loved to been able to compare it further with the Fox and Friends crowd.

And, by the way, what divergent views do we get on Fox and Friends? They're always in agreement with each other and it's the same everyday.

As far as the banners go - they told a completely different story than what was discussed on the segment. The banners made it sound like Ingraham beat down The View's moderators but the conversation told a different story. Where were the policies, what did they discuss? It sounded like The View held their own and Ingraham didn't 'shake up' anything.