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Bill O'Reilly Hammered Mark Cuban Without Acknowledging Challenge

Reported by Deborah - November 14, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly gave viewers a third night of Mark Cuban hammering but made no mention of Cuban's offer to O'Reilly made through Keith Olbermann last night,11/13. Each night this week BOR has given Cuban a partner to shame through association. Monday it was Roger Oglesby and last night he dusted off George Clooney for the occasion. Tonight he went after NBC which is probably the closest he'll get to mentioning Keith Olbermann's involvement in this culture campaign against Cuban.

O'Reilly had nothing new to say against Cuban. Although he didn't call him anti-American tonight, he claimed, " This man is hurting our troops and helping the terrorists, period!" Which is mighty close to calling Cuban a traitor.

He continued to promote the idea of protesting Cuban and the film, Redacted telling viewers to take " Support Our Troops" signs to all the Dallas Mavericks basketball games and theaters showing Redacted. He offered no instructions to his eager culture guards concerning protesting conduct so it seems anything might happen.

Bill didn't mention or perhaps doesn't know that the " Support Our Troops" signs will be in perfect sync with the next Maverick's game which is is dedicated to the Texas National Guard who will be giving out 'Support Our Troops" T shirts and surely Marc Cuban will have arranged some signage for this event planned way before Bill's hissy fit.

Thursday's event is part of Cubans ongoing program, Seats for Soldiers You can take a look at all the things Mark Cuban has been doing to honor our troops not hurt them.

If Bill O'Reilly was really a decent American who cared about our troops, he would praise Cuban for his efforts. Then he would see the film and discuss it with Cuban like a real American journalist might do. Then, of course, he would apologize for his unfair attacks on Cuban's character and patriotism.