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Watch What Happens When a Fox Guest Tries to Mention How Much the Iraq War is Costing

Reported by Melanie - November 13, 2007 -

The final segment on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (November 13, 2007) -- most of the show was devoted to all things O.J. -- was a roundtable discussion about John Edwards' family leave proposal or, more specifically, about whether Democrats are, "trying to make America the mother of all nanny states."

As usual, Cavuto was extremely concerned about the proposed $2 billion dollar tab, to be paid by "your tax dollars," whereas he never frets about how much the Iraq war is costing, which could be as high (and counting) as $1.6 trillion.

One participant, frequent guest Adam Lashinsky, tried to compare the cost of Edwards' plan to the cost of the Iraq war but Cavuto would have none of it. Talk about the cost of the Iraq war isn't allowed on Cavuto's show. Whenever someone mentions it, which isn't often, Cavuto loudly interrupts and talks over that person so as to drown he or she out and/or distract his audience from what the person is saying. What happened today is a perfect example:

Cavuto turned to Lashinsky: "You know, um, Adam, it's not so much that people begrudge, you know, trying to find protection for parents who want to either be with their kids or with sick loved ones. The question is, if the government does it, how much am I spending for it? What do you make of that debate?"

Lashinsky: "Well, we ought to at least ask the question Neil, and you're going to hate it when I say this, but is $1 to $2 billion really that much, you know, money? It's about ten days...

Cavuto interrupts while Lashinsky continues to speak: "...of what we spend on the war in Iraq.": "Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You're saying $1 to $2 billion for this, something else on this...?"

Here's the video.