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Shepard Smith Said We Have To Keep Things Fair & Balanced, So We Have To Speak About Democrats

Reported by Donna - November 13, 2007 -

During the overwhelming coverage of the OJ trial, of which Smith is still hyped up about, he broke in and said they had to be fair and balanced, they had talked about the Republicans so now they had to talk about the Democrats.

Major Garrett came on to do the Democratic segment and he corrected Smith saying we don't have to do this segment we get to do this segment, He said he was pumped up about it. (Comment: So Major Garrett is admitting they're not fair and balanced?)

What was Major Garrett so pumped up about? Well, the segment consisted of him saying that that Barack Obama and John Edwards were going to stop attacking Hillary and put the attention on each other. So, Major Garrett was pumped up about doing a segment on the infighting between Democratic presidential candidates.

I was trying to think of what the Republican segment was about and checked back in my notes and there was a segment on Mitt Romney drafting a letter that explained his religion but he was not going to come forth with it unless he felt he had to. They had a guest on, Ari Fleischer, former White House Spokesperson who basically said that Romney didn't have to use the letter. He went on to say that people think the religious right is just about one issue - abortion, but that wasn't true. They were concerned about National Security and keeping America safe and that's why Giuliani was doing so well.

Comments: Fair and balanced? I beg to differ. One talked about infighting between Democratic presidential candidates and the Republican one was virtually a rah-rah go Giuliani, you're doing so well.

Why aren't we hearing how well Hillary is doing? Her numbers eclipse Giuliani's. There was no Democratic guest during the Democrats supposed 'fair and balanced' time, only a Fox employee.

Fox is getting more and more ridiculous about it's fair and balanced claim. I think it's time to give it up. How fair and balanced do you think these two segments were?