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O'Reilly's "no spin" is Rosie O'Donnell's "fanaticism"

Reported by Chrish - November 13, 2007 -

Maybe Bill O'Reilly should go into politics. He is out of touch with reality, he holds himself to a different standard than everyone else, and he never admits wrongdoing. Last night 11/12/07 he disparaged Rosie O'Donnell for her no-spin passion.

O'Reilly and body language analyst Tonya Reiman deconstructed a very short segment of Rosie O'Donnell delivering a speech at Hunter College. Reiman's take was that O'Donnell is sincere and believes passionately in everything she says, whether it's right or wrong.

O'Reilly replied "She believes in everything she says...isn't that the definition of a fanatic?"

(Perhaps remembering what he had said in an earlier interview) he went on to ask Reiman "Can you tell by body language if somebody is a thoughtful person who believes, or is just a Kool-Aid drinking fanatic?" When she replied that she can't, O'Reilly said (both hands up - I've seen enough body language segments to know that's a "know-it-all" position) "That's what they call them - true believers."

But wait - in 2002 O'Reilly actually had a one-on-one segment with RosieO herself, and in that circumstance, where she was teasing him about "The Spin Factor," he said something quite opposite:

BOR: Now you've referred to me, your humble correspondent, as "the Spin Factor" on your show.

ROD: Yes. Isn't that, don't you have the no-spin zone? Isn't that your hook?

BOR (gesturing): Yes,but no-spin zone, the no-spin zone.

ROD (teasing): But surely you don't think there's no spin in your no-spin zone?

BOR: Do you think I spin?

ROD: Yeah, but I think everyone spins, or you would just be an empty, vacant shell reporting facts. I mean, you have your life that you bring with you to every moment...(unintelligible)

BOR: But I don't think sincere beliefs that I hold are spin.

ROD: Not spin?

BOR: That's not spin. (overtalking somewhat)

BOR: Spin is taking the truth...and twisting it around, that's spin. James Carville.

ROD: Well, I don't think you're deceitful...I just think you present your side...

Look up hypocrite in any dictionary and you'll find