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“Media Watchdog” Brent Bozell Criticizes Movie He Admits He Never Saw

Reported by Ellen - November 13, 2007 -

Hannity & Colmes offered another glimpse of what passes for “fair and balanced” on FOX News last night (11/12/07) when they hosted Brent Bozell as the only guest in a discussion about Robert Redford’s new movie, Lions for Lambs. Bozell wasted no time attacking the movie as anti-American and anti-military. But when Alan Colmes asked for the details of just how the film had trashed the military, Bozell couldn't offer any. He admitted he had not seen it. His “explanation” was, “I know Robert Redford.” With video.

Sean Hannity made no effort to hide his glee as he began the discussion (and, incidentally, got a full minute more air time than Colmes) with the announcement that the film had not done well at the box office. “Are Americans saying ‘enough’ to left wing Hollywood liberals?” he asked.

Bozell has no apparent expertise either as a movie critic or as an expert in the film industry. Nevertheless, he asserted, without offering any facts to back up his claim, that the movie’s poor showing was because “People don’t want to go to a movie to see America’s military trashed and America trashed. They just don’t want to.” He didn’t think it worth mentioning that the film got very poor reviews.

Despite the so-called pro-America stance, trashing Democrats, particularly Hillary Clinton, is always A-OK on the “We Like America” network. Truth-telling seems to be optional. Before long, Hannity not only reverted to attacking Clinton, he revived the same falsehoods he used Friday night. “Now she’s staging questions,” he baselessly alleged, once again ignoring reporting from his own network indicating Clinton knew nothing about the planted questions.

If you ask me, Hannity is in no position to be complaining about candidates getting softball questions. But while he was fabricating about Hillary, he also cooked up some unfounded accusations against the media. “The number one campaign contribution she’ll get in this election cycle is from the left-wing media, the moveon.org media,” Hannity claimed.

Unlike, say, all the attacks against her on “fair and balanced” FOX News.

Colmes’ smackdown came when he asked Bozell, “How did they trash the military in the film? Tell me how they did that.”

Bozell responded, “I haven’t seen the film yet.”

“Well then, you don’t even know that they trashed the military,” Colmes said.

“I know Robert Redford.” Bozell replied.

“Wait a minute,” Colmes said. “You decide because you know Robert Redford that they trashed the military and you haven’t even seen the film. So you’ve decided that… To accuse someone of being anti-American or anti-military and you haven’t even seen the film is unfair and you know that.”

“Wait a minute. I’ve read plenty about this film.” Then, in a condescending tone, Bozell continued, “Alan, Alan, Robert Redford and company have a record for 30, 40 years of being…”

“Of what, hating America?” Colmes interrupted.

“On the far left. On the far left.”

“So what?” Colmes shot back. “Nothing wrong with being on the far left.”

Then Colmes abruptly switched subjects to go back to Hillary Clinton. Colmes disputed Bozell’s claim that the media had been biased in favor of Clinton by citing the results of a Pew Research Center study indicating that reporting on Clinton has been 26.9 positive, 35.4 neutral, 37.8 negative.

“I don’t believe those numbers at all,” Bozell claimed.

"Of course you don’t," Colmes told him. "They don’t comport with your point of view. Just like you’ve decided this movie hates America.”