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Fox & Friends Goes After Hillary Clinton - Again & Again, Uses Conservative Guests Ronald Kessler & Brent Bozell, No Democratic Guests Allowed

Reported by Donna - November 13, 2007 -

Fox and Friends devoted two segments to bashing Hillary Clinton today in their 6 to 8 a.m. est time period. First they had the author, Ronald Kessler, (Kessler is chief Washington correspondent of Newsmax.com,) on his book, 'The Terrorist Watch' (with the banner 'in stores today') who said we are winning the war in Iraq. He said we were tremendously successful and you won't see that headline in the Washington Post or the NY Times and that's why we haven't been attacked.

He said saying otherwise was all untrue. The American people had been bamboozled. He said that Hillary and Obama voted to give Osama Bin Laden the same rights as Americans. He said they couldn't intercept a call from Bin Laden in Pakistan to someone in Pakistan. And Doocy amd Kilmeade were there supporting him.

In the second segment Gretchen Carlson (all smiles) said Hilary Clinton was exposed, that a new book was dishing on the Senator and presidential contender and they'd be talking to the author in a few minutes.

The banner read 'HILLARY EXPOSED?
Peeling The Paint On Whitewash

Another banner said EXPOSING THE LIES , Liberal Media Slants Clinton Stories

The book was called Whitewash. The author is Brent Bozell who is also the president of the Media Research Center, which is a conservaitve watch group. Carlson thanked him for being there this early because she saw him up late with Hannity and Colmes the night before. (Comment: So, they're making sure this book gets plenty of coverage. Bozell actually spoke about another subject covered by fellow News Hound, Ellen last night on Hannity and Colmes.

Carlson said it was what the media won't tell you about Hillary Clinton but the conservatives will, a new book that will shed some light on Hillary's run for the presidency.

Carlson said it was apropo that this book was coming out now because of course Hillary was running for the presidency. (Comment: Excuse me, but where are all the books and bashing when it comes to Rudy Giuliani?)

Carlson said the main message is that conservatives are going to tell you stuff that mainstream media is not going to tell you about Hillary Clinton.

Bozell isolated coverage of Hillary Clinton and said that since 1992 the media had been her cheerleaders. Another banner ran, 'CLINTON COVER-UPS, What The Media Doesn't Report.' Bozel said every single time she's gotten into trouble they throw up a big wall between her and the American people and the American people do not get to learn the truth about her. He says she continues to do this and to this day we continue to see this pattern.

Bozell said to look at the Norman Hsu scandal and Gretchen added that that was the funneling campaign donations. (Comment: Which Hillary returned the money or gave it to charity) Bozell said the LA Times just broke a story about Chinatown money coming to Hillary and no one knows where this money is coming from. Bozell said that the networks, ABC, NBC and CNN primarily, simply will not report it. He said no one ever gets to the resolutions of these stories.

Carlson asked if what he was saying that the Clintons are known for not answering questions because they say they don't know the answer to that or turning responsibility allegedly in another direction, was he saying the mainstream media was not?

Bozell said that Hillary is portrayed as the single most brilliant woman on this earth but when it comes to the times she gets into trouble she says she doesn't know anything about it and simply walks away.

Again they ran the banner, 'CLINTON COVER UPS. What The Media Doesn't Report'

Bozell said Hillary was intimidately involved in every aspect of her life and the media gives her a free pass.

Bozell said he took different situations and gave them to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and got their opinions on them and Bozell said what they had to say about them was fascinating. (Comments: Wow, there are some unbiased opinions on Hillary Clinton)

The banner now read, "LIBERAL MEDIA, Buries Negative Hillary Stories'

Bozell went on to say that the research was there but when you hear Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich or Ann Coulter comment on it, it's rather fascinating.

Carlson brought up the time when Hillary said she was going to stand by her man over the Monica Lewinsky case and asked Bozell if she was telling the truth when she said at first she didn't know what was going on.

Bozell said he knows she wasn't telling the truth. He talked about the time in her book when she lost her breath and asked Bill how he could do this to her. Bozell added that if she didn't know, she was the only one in America who didn't. The whole vast right wing conspiracy attack, he said, she still owes the American people an apology.

Comments: Fox goes out of it's way to bash Senator Clinton and in neither segment did they have a 'fair and balanced' interview on either of them. In fact, the Fox and Friends crew joined in on them. The banners were outrageous. Newsmax and Media Research Center, give me a break.

And my question is - why does Giuliani not get the same treatment?

Fox is deliberatly bringing out the Hillary hate mongers to attack Hillary and they do it with pleasure. Bozell, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter. Give me a break. And Hillary Clinton has nothing to apologize to the American people. Bozell does for putting up such a piece of trash.

I wish the 'liberal media' which doesn't exist, would use all their shows to bash Rudy Giuliani. Maybe that would make it 'fair and balanced.' As we all know - Fox is anything but. And I dare anyone to say they are after these two segments where they ganged up on Hillary and had no opposing side - not even a pseudo Democrat.