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Courtney Pilchman, Former Prosecutor Says Teacher Who Abducted Student Ought To Be Burned

Reported by Donna - November 13, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had a segment on about the teacher who abducted her student and fled to Mexico. (She has since been returned) Seems there may be a discrepancy in the age of the boy. He may be 16 instead of 13. Studio B brought up the fact that the boy was an illegal immigrant and his birth certificate was from Mexico.

Smith had on a Defense lawyer, Monica Lindstrom and former Prosecutor, Courtney Pilchman.

The segment was pretty basic until the end when Pilchman said something odd.

Pilchman said teachers have to stop using the schools as dating pools and sure, kids get crushes on their teachers but if any teacher fans those fires, "they ought to be burned and Kelsey Peterson ought to be burned."

Comment: Are we going back to the days of burning witches? I don't know Pilchman, but she did say that Kelsey Peterson ought to be burned. With Fox having a reputation for having guests like Ann Coulter, who consistently makes outrageous remarks, could this be another one?

We report, you decide.