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Outrageous Quote of the Week 11/10/07

Reported by Chrish - November 12, 2007 -

Fred Barnes took top honors last week for asking "But why is this an issue? 'Cause the war is going well and Democrats don't want to talk about that, so they've made up a Blackwater scandal," squeaking out a win over Sean Hannity defending the vile language of Dog the Bounty Hunter. This week's selection, sure to make you GOL, are after the jump.

(Groan out loud, TM)

Option A: "Africa is a very corrupt government." Chicago radio talk show host "Mancow" in a discussion about the abuse at Oprah Winfrey's school in South Africa, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, 11/5/07

Option B: "Medicare and Medicaid have far less administrative costs than do the private health insurance system. The private health insurance system spends $100 billion a year in what's called underwriting and marketing. This is basically a way in which they can figure out who they won't insure so they will save money. You know how much money it will cost to cover the uninsured in this country? $78 billion." - Julian Epstein, Democratic Strategist

"Well, you know, Julian,I gotta tell ya', it is too early for this. Alright? You are just numbing me. Right now, I love ya', but I'm falling asleep." Neil Cavuto, Senior Vice President, Anchor & Managing Editor, FOX Business News, Cavuto on Business, 11/4/07

Option C: "I know you don't want to hear about Iraq, but I'm going to tell you anyway." John Gibson, The Big Story, 11/7/07

Option D: "When black people made jokes about that word, or call each other nappy-headed, it doesn't mean anything to them. It's just a joke. Now, there are times when they're trying to get back at you (and then) it's pretty serious, but I think that the word means more to white Americans than it does to black Americans. And I believe that white Americans are over-reacting to the word because they have been traumatized by people like Jesse Jackson and the NAACP… The NAACP and Jackson and others have used that word for the last 50 years or so in order to manipulate and control white Americans." Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson on the n-word, Hannity & Colmes, 11/9/07

Option E: "John Edwards has no chance. It is a vanity run. [snip] Governor Huckabee's campaign has been energetic, but he doesn't have a chance." Ever-independent Bill O'Reilly, taking a slap at the Democrat but not the Republican, O'Reilly Factor 11/7/07

Option F: "On yet another front, a published report today said that homelessness is virtually over. People may have crushing mortgages, but they have homes." John Gibson, The Big Story, 11/7/07

Option G: "Seven weeks from right this minute, it will be Christmas Eve. Seven weeks! Can you believe it? So we have opened the BillOReilly.com Christmas/holiday store, which features an incredible array of great gifts. And with every order, we'll send you a "Don't Taze Me, Bro" bumper-sticker free! And we'll gift wrap for you for over $40." Bill O'Reilly pimping his product to everyone, even though the site plainly reads "The O'Reilly Christmas Store" and offers the free wrapping as a Special Christmas Offer, O'Reilly Factor, 11/5/07