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Joe Piscopo endorses Giuliani, mocks Clinton, but it's all in good fun

Reported by Chrish - November 12, 2007 -

Of course celebrity Joe Piscopo is entitled to his opinion and to say that he supports whichever candidate he likes. But on FOX celebrities are usually scorned and ridiculed, and it's asked why their opinions on anything matter at all. This morning 11/12/07 on FOX and Friends Piscopo's "perspective on the news of the day" was sought, and he slipped in a sneer at Hillary Clinton and a plug for FOX fave Rudy Giuliani, much to the hosts' delight.
With video.

Piscopo discussed, with Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, and sub-host Greg Kelly, the writers' strike. He is a member of the Writers' Guild himself and said there in unprecedented solidarity with the writers, and said the debate is indicative of the growing divide in America between the super wealthy and the super poor, and the wiping out of the middle class. That last earned him a "sounds very progressive, Joe," from Kelly, and Carlson came in with a question about the "plants" in the Clinton audience - which Piscopo called amateurish, and the Hillary-bashing was on the record.