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Hannity’s America – Damned Lies

Reported by Chrish - November 12, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

As I pointed out in my last post, there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics" and last night’s Hannity’s America contained all three. One segment, which could be filed under the category of “damned lies” deserves its own discussion because it was, in the word Hannity used to describe the Clinton pardons, “atrocious.”

Hannity began his segment with, if not a lie, an inaccuracy when he stated that “one year ago the Democrats were swept into power.” (Comment: the election was a year ago; the “power” did not begin until January of 2007.) He noted that the approval ratings for Congress are “at an all time low” (comment: along with President Bush), their attempts at foreign policy have been a failure (comment: State Department, Condi Rice, helloo???), and that their promises have gone unfulfilled. (Comment: polls show that the electorate still favors Democrats over Republicans.) \

"Great American” Hannity revealed his dislike for a certain area of the US when he questioned “what has the San Francisco Speaker done which is leading many to question, including us (is he speaking for Fox News?), what exactly she and her Democratic cronies have accomplished since they took control one year ago.” Reinforcing the Fox/right wing meme of bad Democrats, he added that Pelosi and her “second in command, Harry Reid,” intended to challenge the administration and promised change. (Comment: Uh, Harry Reid has nothing to do with the House of Representatives.) Hannity got cerebral when he said “there are few meaningful accomplishments considering the importance of the time in which we live.”

Hannity stated that “nearly half of bills signed into law have named post offices and highways.” What Hannity doesn’t tell us is that this is not just the work of the Democrats as witnessed by H.R. 342 to name the Rush Hudson Limbaugh, Sr. United States Courthouse. Hannity is a country music fan so he must be pleased that part of a highway is named after Buck Owens. The other names on the list, compiled by Republican John Boehner, can be found here.

Hannity’s feelings about minorities aren’t exactly reverential and as such he cited HR 2358 which requires the mint to issue coins in commemoration of Native Americans. He did not note that two sponsors were Republicans and that the bill passed the House and Senate on a bipartisan basis. (Comment: for waste of the public’s time and money, see Terry Schiavo!!!) During this last rant, Hannity once again referred to the “congress of the San Francisco Speaker.”

Hannity also waxed outrageous over "pork barrel" spending which he underscored by citing information from Citizens Against Government Waste regarding Democratic Senator Bob Byrd’s earmarks. He didn’t tell us that Republican Senator Richard Shelby is CAGW’s “porker of the month.” Not surprisingly, no mention was made of Republican Senator Ted Stevens or other Republicans who have a taste for pork.

Hannity slipped into damned lie territory when he asserted that the Democrats “promised a new direction. What we got is a Congressional work week of four days.” If not a damned lie, this is disingenuous because Pelosi upped the work week to five days and was met with resistance by people like Republican Rep. Jack Kingston (GA) who said that “marriages would suffer.” The work week is now back to four days. Hannity told a damned lie and engaged in character defamation when he showed a photo of Speaker Pelosi shaking hands with Syria’s President, Bashar Assad and said that “we have a Speaker consorting with state sponsors of terrorism.” Chicken hawk Hannity told a dammed lie when he said that the Democrats have “jeopardized the lives of American troops.” (Comment: many congressional Democrats are also vets who are attempting to pass legislation which will benefit troops and their families). Without noting all the bills, sent to the Senate, which would have passed without the filibuster and without noting the President’s veto of popular legislation like embryonic stem cell and SChip and without noting that the Congress passed an increase in minimum wage, an environmental bill, and implementation of 9-11 Commission Recommendations, he declared the 110th Congress a total failure.

Comment: The Bush administration is a total failure and Hannity “just can’t handle the truth!”