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Fox Republican Strategist Can't Pass Up Chance To Say That People Think Hillary Is 'Phony', Huffington Post National Editor Counters Him

Reported by Donna - November 12, 2007 -

What do you do when you have no defense and no way to attack your opponent? Why, you call them names, of course. That's all you have left.

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had a segment on Hillary's staff member maybe giving questions to be asked of Hillary. (Comment: No proof given by Fox that Hillary did it)

This was covered extensively by fellow News Hound, Ellen, on her post last week.

Shepard Smith said that Hillary Clinton has denied any knowledge of this. Smith said that things were happening to the front runners, Senator Clinton and Giuliani and both of their national numbers were going down. He said that Hillary's numbers were at 45.8% and Giuliani's were 30%.

But when it came time to explain why they were down, all Smith talked about was Hillary's staff member suggesting questions to ask her at two different venues. He had nothing to say about Giuliani.

He went to Carl Cameron who just talked about the feud between Senator John McCain and Mitt Romney on campaign reform.

On the second segment, he had Nico Pitney, National Editor from the Huffington Post and Pete Snyder (no identification given, I assumed he was the republican counterpart). Nico said it is inconsequential and only becomes important if it's coordinated by the campaign and that there was zero evidence of that.

Meanwhile a banner at the bottom of the screen read, 'Clinton Campaign Caught Planting Questions At Events.'

Snyder said he didn't think it had anything to do with this incident but it has something to do with Hillary's big vulnerability which is her authenticity. He said that very few of her opponents have been able to lay a hand on her and the only thing he could think of was Jon Stewart playing a tape of her laughing over and over again on YouTube. Snyder said this really exposes her as a phony. (Comment: Jon Stewart, from a comedy show linking her laugh together over and over exposes her as a phony?) (Name calling and the Republicans get their info from the Daily Show?)

The banner at the bottom of the screen now read, 'Student Says Campaign Asked For Climate Change Question'

Smith jumped right in and said this "lack of authenticity" seems to be a real talking point for Republicans.

The banner at the bottom of the screen now read, 'Clinton Says She Didn't Know About Planted Questions'

Nico said that the republicans and conservatives have been saying this for a long time and now her polls are topping 50% in some areas and her favorability record is going up. Nico tried to speak but Snyder overtalked him and said something about this coming from the liberal blogosphere, that Hillary was a phony and how could she be nominated. He said it came from the liberal blogs themselves.

Nico said he didn't know that Snyder was out reading the liberal blogs so much.

The banner at the bottom of the screen now read, 'Clinton Campaign Caught Planting Questions At Events' again. They also identified Pete Snyder as a Republican Strategist in a banner at the bottom of the screen. Which means he is hired by Fox.

Snyder said that's what his business does, it monitors the internet. Smith repeated that this non authenticity thing and this kind of a phony thing was what the Repbublicans were saying and the Democrats keep dismissing it. (Comment: But didn't Snyder just say that he got his info from the liberal blogs? Now they are dismissing it?) Smith asked Nico if this was the kind of thing that would get some traction down the road, or no?

Nico said that all the campaigns have to get more open, that all candidates pull strings and the American people deserved to get the questions that needed to be asked. Nico said that tough questions needed to be asked of both of the parties.

Comments: Even the so called Republican Strategist said this asking prepared questions was no big deal and went into the name calling of authenticity and phony. Smith repeated the words and the banners at the bottom told the story of 'Clinton Campaign Caught Planting Questions.'

On the first part they explained why they thought Senator Clinton's numbers might be coming down (I didn't see much of a downfall) they never explained why Giuliani's numbers were coming down. Interesting and typical for Fox.

When all they have to resort to is name calling, you know they're getting scared. Nico from the Huffington Post held up very well and countered Snyder (except when Snyder was allowed to overtalk him).