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Cavuto Jumps On Hillary Clinton's "Canned" Question But He Was Silent on That Fake FEMA Press Conference

Reported by Melanie - November 12, 2007 -

Remember that fake press conference FEMA gave during the California wildfires? You know, the one where "real" reporters were "given only 15 minutes’ notice of the briefing" and "given an 800 number to call in, though it was a 'listen only' line, the notice said — no questions," and the questions "were asked by FEMA staffers playing reporters?" The press conference that Fox carried live? Well guess what? Neil Cavuto hasn't said a word about that outrageous event but today (November 12, 2007) the second segment on his show was about one "canned" question a student asked Hillary Clinton during a campaign event in Iowa last Tuesday.

Five minutes into his "business news" show, Cavuto introduced reporter Major Garrett:

To Washington right now and Hillary Clinton getting kicked in the can now? Specifically over canned questions. Her aides admitted it, Clinton herself denied it, and today her opponents are all over it.

Garrett said the, "Clinton campaign has admitted to planting one question last week during an event in Newton, Iowa." Over the weekend Fox reported, "another episode that happened April 2." "No question was actually successfully planted" on that day but there was, "certainly an attempt to do so at an event outside a forum in Ft. Madison, Iowa." Clinton talked about this yesterday and gave a, "very short and curt response."

With that, Fox went to video of Clinton: "Well, it was news to me and neither I nor my campaign approve of that and ah, it will certainly not be tolerated." Someone asked a question which was muffled, and Clinton continued: "You know everything."

Back to Garrett, who said, "This from one of the most disciplined, most professional, well organized campaigns on the campaign trail." Garrett said, "Obama weighed in" today and John Edwards, who is, "running third in Iowa has compared this Clinton controversy to George Bush taking questions from a pre-packed, pre-selected audience. He said he does not accept Hillary Clinton's explanation of what happened."

Comment: I think fake questioning is abhorrent and despicable but that isn't the point. The point is that Cavuto jumped on this story about a one "canned" question asked of Hillary Clinton but he has yet to tell his audience about a Bush administration agency holding an entirely fake press conference during which numerous "canned" questions were asked by numerous fake reporters. Such is the "news" on the "fair and balanced" channel.