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Capitol Hill staffers suffer FOX News withdrawal, blame Pelosi

Reported by Chrish - November 12, 2007 -

A few weeks ago when Air America host Randi Rhodes suffered a fall that damaged her mouth and teeth, colleague Jon Elliott speculated that she was the victim of a politically motivated hate-crime. He retracted the statement and apologized the next day, but the right-wing was already atwitter with indignation at the suspicion and ridicule of his conspiratorial "paranoia.

This week, as reported at RawStory.com,

"one finger-pointing GOP staffer told Roll Call 'I sense Pelosi’s behind this'”

when FOX News was temporarily unavailable on Capitol Hill and staffers were subjected to other networks.

Another staffer, missing his daily dose of newsporn, said

"I was just forced to watch an MSNBC segment on going green by shopping at farmers markets," the withdrawal-afflicted staffer told the paper. "We need Fox back, stat."

The culprit was only a "technical glitch" as the network switched its feeds from analog to digital. Let the ridicule commence.