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Bill O'Reilly Calls On Culture Mob To Protest Mark Cuban's Film "Redacted"

Reported by Deborah - November 12, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly had a major fit tonight because Mark Cuban reacted to his relentless attacks with a public statement in Las Vegas claiming " Bill O'Reilly is my new best friend".So BOR did his usual evil far left routine distorting Cuban's statement so it could be framed as an attack. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer got some of the heat and viewers were treated to another absurd ambush from Jesse Waters. However, O'Reilly's hate for Cuban was so extreme that he called his viewers to take action against him.
with video

O'Reilly didn't want his viewers to know that Cuban actually credited him with helping the movie with all the attacks, he only showed a clip of Cuban saying that BOR never even saw the film and how he wanted to call O'Reilly a "moron".This allowed Bill to come off like he had been attacked by Cuban.

Climbing on his culture guy soapbox he wailed about how he would never sit through Redacted Bringing up Cubans appearance on Dancing with the Stars, he said 100,000 soldiers are risking their lives so Cuban can " mambo without fear". So Bill decided Cuban's crimes must be punished compelling him to urge the audience to go to the next Dallas Mavericks game with " Support Our Troops" signs and do the same outside the film.

When Margaret Hoover and Kirsten Powers appeared to carve up Cuban and any sacrificial left presented, O'Reilly was really into the protest. Powers declined his invitation but perky Hoover responded with a gleeful, " I will, absolutely !!" She noted on cue that the film was an example of the " hubris of the American far left."

O'Reilly asked, " What are we to do about Mark Cuban?" ( Hopefully, Bill's culture cadets won't take that question literally)

After spending a a few minutes on Seattle, BOR returned to the protests teasing Powers about joined in. Wanting viewers to believe he and Powers are like family, he claimed her Mother would want her to protest. " I think you should be out there with the sign or you're not getting Thanksgiving dinner."

comment: This calls for a major BOR Hypocrisy Alert. On ,11/8, he was the wise elder explaining to the students in Chicago that freedom of expression comes with responsibility.

"Freedom of expression comes with responsibility - if you want to make your point in an unlawful way, you have to pay the price. These kids in Chicago intruded on the rights of others when they didn't have to"

Now he's organizing a national protest of Brian DePalma's film Redacted and urging Maverick fans to protest at the games. Does he really believe these protests will be peaceful? Does he think it's okay to intrude on families who want to enjoy a sports event in peace just because he wants revenge?

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