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Our Fearless Leader Offers His Thoughts on Veterans' Day While Vetoing Money For Veterans' Health Care

Reported by Marie Therese - November 11, 2007 -

Earlier today, a tearful President George Bush delivered his brief Veterans' Day speech in Waco, Texas at a memorial service for four fallen soldiers. However, as FOX White House correspondent Wendell Goler pointed out afterwards, the President plans to veto - and continue vetoing - an extra $3.5 billion for veterans' benefits that the Democrats have added into the most recent defense appropriation bill. Goler noted that Bush wants the Congress to pay for the veterans benefits by taking money away from farmers, children and the elderly. (Remember: The Iraq War is costing the American taxpayers $1 billion a day.) Overall, the Democrats want to increase Bush budget by $23 billion (23 days in Iraq) and plan to pay for it by raising the tax rate on the wealthiest Americans. Guess we now know where George Bush's true loyalties lie. Video below the fold.