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Fred Barnes: Iraq Surge a Smashing Success

Reported by Marie Therese - November 11, 2007 -

During the November 8th edition of Special Report Fred Barnes, editor of the Murdoch-owned Weekly Standard, waxed rhapsodic about how great things are going in Iraq. According to Barnes, Al Qaeda is practically non-existent, the surge has been a success, the insurgents have laid down their arms and we are winning, winning, winning. My question is: If things are so great over there, why does he vilify the Democrats for wanting to bring our troops home? Assuming he's telling the truth, he should welcome the Democrats' suggestions regarding redeployment. So, one is left with only two possibilities. Either Barnes is lying through his teeth and things aren't going really great in Iraq or he is playing some kind of sick game of expedient political timing in which the troops will miraculously come home just before the next election to make it look better for the Republican candidate. What do you think? With video.