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Bill O'Reilly Thinks Kids Exercising Their Rights As Americans Should Be Punished

Reported by Deborah - November 11, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly claims that American kids are not taught enough about their country and their rights as U.S. citizens. His recent book Kids Are American's Too was supposedly written to educate and inspire patriotism. However, when O'Reilly is presented with real life situations involving flesh and blood kids, he becomes the harsh authoritarian more interested in punishing than mentoring. On Thursday, 11/8/07, O'Reilly took a hard line with a small group of high school protestors in Chicago who staged a peaceful demonstration in the school cafeteria. Guess he doesn't really think that kids are Americans too.

So it seems, a group of high school students concerned about war decided to exercise their rights. They staged quiet and peaceful protest in the school cafeteria which was against the rules of the school. The school principal chose to force them outside which challenged the strength of their commitment thus almost guaranteeing their refusal to comply. This of course led to a harsh punishment of a ten day suspension and possible expulsion.

Bill O'Reilly thought the kids deserved the punishment because they dared to challenge authority. However, it's hard to say if Bill would have felt the same way if the kids were protesting to change " Winter Break" back to "Christmas Vacation". He devoted his TPM ,10/8 to the story.

He opened with an announcement that his book will be listed as #3 this week so his audience would realize that he is a bonafide expert on all things kid related.

"First of all, my new book "Kids Are Americans Too" will be number three on The New York Times list next Sunday. And I thank all of you who are supporting this very important book. "Kids Too" bluntly tells teenagers what their rights are and what they cannot do."

Then he slipped in a jab at Rosie O'Donnell although she has nothing to do with this story at all.

"Another example. If somebody like Rosie O'Donnell wants to accuse American soldiers of killing civilians and the government of orchestrating 9/11, then Ms. O'Donnell must be prepared to face the consequences in the court of public opinion."

BOR concluded that the students deserved their punishment not appearing to care if suspensions and expulsions hurt their chances of getting into college.

"These kids in Chicago intruded on the rights of other children when they didn't have to. And they were punished accordingly. Good."

Here's a report from the Chicago Tribune exploring the other side of this incident. The students and their parents are very upset by the harsh punishment.

An editorial in the Chicago Sun Times by Neil Steinberg calls the punitive reaction " A Shameful Act".

O'Reilly had Cheryl Reed as a guest after his TPM to talk about her editorial supporting the kids and her opinion that the incident should have been used as a teaching opportunity. When BOR pulled his " I was a teacher" routine, Reed shot back back that she was a teacher too. Here's Reed's take on her experience on The Factor.

comment: Once again Bill O'Reilly shows us how little he really cares about kids learning to become decent human beings.