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Bill O'Reilly Thinks Mike Malloy Should Be Arrested

Reported by Deborah - November 9, 2007 -

Tonight Bill O'Reilly had an ex- FBI agent on The Factor to discuss the possibility of Mike Malloy getting arrested for saying he's had violent fantasies about Scott McClellan and Dana Perrino on his Air America radio show. with video

O'Reilly asked Asha Rangappa, former FBI agent, if Malloy's comments were enough to get him investigated or arrested. She concluded that if it was interpreted as a threat to an official he could be investigated and maybe arrested arrested.

Taking it a step further, O'Reilly asked her if someone was holding an offensive sign at a protest, could they be removed. Rangappa claimed that could indeed happen. Then he asked if Malloy attended a demonstration could he be arrested for something he said in the past.

comment: This is probably the beginning of Bill's new campaign against Air America. Mike Malloy should get ready for a little visit from the FBI because it was pretty clear tonight that Bill will make it happen even if he doesn't do the dirty deed himself.