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Shepard Smith Has A Hissy Fit All Over OJ And Gives Out Email Address And Full Name Of Person Who Complained About His Coverage

Reported by Donna - November 8, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they should have called it the OJ Show with disparaging remarks inserted by Smith as the hearing was on.

His first comment about OJ was how "orange" he was. He repeated this several times to the point of getting irritated by it.

Smith asked why OJ was orange and then said he was concerned about it. He said yeah, right after he killed his wife, er...or they said he killed his wife. (Comment: This was no mistake, Smith covered the trial, he knew what he was saying) Smith asked why you wouldn't call the police and tell them to get your possessions and repeated that OJ was orange.

Later on in the show he again said that OJ was orange and he read an email from a viewer who said what's wrong with an orange juice. (Comment: What a great joke) (sarcasm)

After frequent breaks Smith said that OJ was the 'not murderer' just like the Senator was the 'not gay Senator.' He cut to Jonathan Hunt in Las Vegas who said that it was a circus, that it brought out all the cranks, creeps and all sorts of oddities. Hunt said Simpson brings out the worst in everybody it seems.

Smith asked Hunt why OJ was orange. Hunt said maybe it was the picture that Smith was receiving.

Then the defense attorney asked a question about Rockingham (Comment: You couldn't hear a lot of the testimony because Smith kept making little derisive remarks about OJ) and Smith said that Rockingham was where OJ had killed his wife...er...where his wife was killed. (Another example of Smith knowing exactly what he was saying and quickly made it sound like he corrected it) (Comment: This isn't even true. Even if you think OJ killed his wife, it wasn't at Rockingham. Rockingham was where OJ lived) You would think that Smith would know this because he extensively covered the trial.

After more breaks Smith started in on the weight that OJ had put on and said that he wouldn't be running through any airports today. A couple of minutes later Smith said he wondered if they were auctioning off the bloody glove.

Fromong, the person who was being cross examined said he had been good friends with OJ for years and OJ always used to call his (Fromong's) mother on her birthday and sing happy birthday to her. Smith said, "What a guy." Smith then made a remark about "You may remember his book 'If I Did It' and something about OJ getting paid again. (Comment: I know OJ got some upfront money but wasn't the book pulled?)

Smith then said an emailer wrote (he gave his name, city and town, I won't) to Smith about getting past his dislike for OJ and getting to the story. The emailer said they were going to show the stuff that was stolen and Studio B left the coverage so we wouldn't see anything about OJ. The emailer wrote to Smith that he thought he was above this. Smith said, "(emailers name), you were wrong."

Then Smith said that OJ looked mad and that he had packed on some pounds. Smith said that the FBI knew in advance so this was as weird as it gets. Smith said he had a question, did they go in the room and did they have guns and should OJ go to jail forever? Those were the questions, Smith said. "He's done enough books, you know, OJ has. He confessed you know." Smith said this would make a heck of a movie.

Smith then said to make another Naked Gun movie, those things were awesome.

Smith spoke briefly from an inspector general at the Ronald Reagan Museum. When the inspector general said he couldn't discuss anyone since it was an ongoing investigation, Smith didn't make any smarmy remarks.

Smith went to Trace Gallagher when the court took a lunch break and Gallager told Smith that he didn't think OJ heard that Smith said he was getting fat. Smith said he put on some pounds and he knows it.

Smith then read an email from a viewer who said that said he was trying to watch the OJ report when it became apparent that Smith couldn't keep his mouth shut, he should just read the news. Still from the email: Don't try to add dumb comments, I changed the channel from Fox News after a few minutes, you are a real ratings getter. Smith then gave the email writer's full name and email address and said, "Enjoy yourself" and that's how his show ended.

Comments: I am in no way a defender of OJ Simpson but watching this show was pure torture. Smith was all hyped up and vicious when it came to the OJ coverage. I would suggest some medication to settle him down, he looked like he was going to have a stroke) All the little (not funny and Smith is not a comedian) remarks fell flat and just interfered with the coverage of the hearing. Whatever was happening at the hearing was incomprehensible. And Smith giving out the full name and the full email of the emailer at the end was very unprofessional. We know Smith's intent was to get this man bombed with emails from his viewers. I don't know if it's legal to give out over the air the full name and full email of someone who emails you, but we'll report, you decide.