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FOX, Friends speculate on Rosie O'Donnell/MSNBC deal unraveling

Reported by Chrish - November 8, 2007 -

On FOX and Friends this morning 11/8/07, after teasers and headlines, was the non-Rosie O'Donnell/MSNBC deal, second only to OJ Simpson's day in court today. The Friends (with Greg Kelly subbing for Mr. Happy) ridiculed O'Donnell and speculated beyond the announcements to fit the FOX agenda. Much of the rest of the show was devoted to repeated segments on the latest toy recalls from China, OJ, OJ, and more OJ, celebrity interviews and the Country Music Awards last night.
With video.

(FOX Entertainment reporter Mike Straka reported that "everyone in Nashville" loves FOX News.)

The Rosie-bashing included the now-expected pictures of her hanging upside down (for therapeutic reasons - let's moch that, shall we?) and a crude graphic of her being helicoptered in to 30 Rockefeller Center and unceremoniously dropped - an allusion to her alleged requirement for helicopter transportation from her Connecticut home to Manhattan.

Brian Kilmeade said that O'Donnell's comments on her blog, written in her unique poetic style, were haiku and went so far as to confirm with Gretchen Carlson that a haiku is written in 5-7-5 meter...which O'Donnel's poem, no matter how you look at it, was not. One just has to wonder how someone can look right at something and declare it something else completely.

Greg Kelly said he's never heard of anyone but the POTUS having a helicopter bring them to work (in the job decription, he qualified), an astonishing statement. Executives are routinely transported in small private planes and helicopters and have been for decades.

Carlson's "belief" is that the deal fell through not because of compensation demands but because of the "backlash," i.e. 24-hour smear festival on FOX, after O'Donnell let slip that she might be joing a "news network,' and Carlson emphasized that last with visible, fingerstyle, quotation marks.

Kelly agreed that "media erupted" and said "there may have been an untold story about people defecting inside of NBC, people saying 'wait a second, you're going to bring this woman into our line-up, our primetime line-up?"

Carlson immediately took up on that speculation and deemed it an interesting point, and furthered the rumor that Tom Brokaw's declining to comment yesterday as he promoted his book on Brian Kilmeade's radio program was a sure sign of disapproval. Yup, Kilmeade agreed, "he was not happy about it, clearly." Why, when Dennis Miller went over there his intellect and his stand-up is so intelligent, not many people were upset by that. (There's a little damage control in case anyone points out FOX's hypocrisy in retaining Miller, a right-wing comedian, while bashing MSNBC for considering O'Donnell, a left-wing comedian.)

Aha, the reason emerged for Kilmeade's erroneous referral to haiku: Carlson used it to segue into an introduction to read and post graphically an insulting poem in the LA Times (that liberal paper, y'know) about ABC's The View, Rosie's former employer, bannered "Recipe for Disaster."

Faux conservatives complain about liberals trying to squelch their free speech rights by resurrecting the Fairness Doctrine but the moment a loud liberal voice might be given a platform the right-wing echo chamber kicks into full gear and the ensuing racket drowns out the voice of reason. If the deal was undone by opposition voices demanding she not be heard we have to wonder about the integrity of the "let the market decide" position they supposedly champion.