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Democrat Beckel ridiculed on national TV on FOX and Friends

Reported by Chrish - November 8, 2007 -

After a segment this morning 11/08/07 where co-authors Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel discussed presidential politics (Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Fred Thompson), the FOX Friends promoted their book "Common Ground: How to Stop the Partisan War That Is Destroying America", without mentioning that it was published by sister company Wm. Morrow. But there was something dreadfully wrong with the cover they showed:


Greg Kelly, subbing for Steve Doocy, remarked that Thomas looked like the POTUS and Beckel looked like a Boy Scout visiting him. After lots of laughs in the studio, and remote shots of a none-too-pleased looking Beckel, Kelly asked how Beckel let that one slip by. Beckel muttered something rather good-naturedly, and they moved on.

But a click over to Amazon.com reveals the real book cover:


Even when FOX appears to be fair and balanced they pull something like this to give the advantage to the Republican (excuse me, Cal Thomas was identified only as a "syndicated columnist") and to ridicule the Democrat.

I applaud Beckel and Thomas for their efforts in writing that book. But "We like America" FOX really likes divisiveness and will do anything to inject partisan superiority into the most neutral issues.