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Cavuto Airs His Annual Holiday Fearmongering Segment About Terror Threats at Shopping Malls

Reported by Melanie - November 8, 2007 -

CBS/Los Angeles reported this afternoon (November 8, 2007) that, "The FBI has issued an 'intelligence information report' warning of possible terror threats against shopping malls in Los Angeles and Chicago" this holiday season. According to the article, an FBI spokeswoman "played down the threat," saying "intelligence is regularly shared" with law enforcement agencies, "even when the value of the information is unknown."

Well geez, who cares if the value of the information is unknown? Certainly not Fox's Neil Cavuto. It's coming on Christmas and it's time for Cavuto's annual Christmas card to America. It isn't one about strength and pulling together and weathering storms. No! It's about being meek and afraid and cowardly. A dubious FBI warning, using information it has known since August, is a perfect excuse to bring on none other than John Bolton for a "reaction." Bolton is one of the cons who is ready to nuke anyone who looks at us sideways; who doesn't do exactly what we say; or who has a lot of oil so hey, surely his "reaction" will be reasoned and levelheaded, right?

Cavuto introduced Bolton with a Fox News Alert saying the, "FBI warning today al-Qaida may be preparing attacks on shopping malls this holiday season in Chicago and Los Angeles as well as other soft targets but law enforcement officials stress that, ah, this threat might not be as big as it appears and that it was posted out of an abundance of caution. Reaction now from John Bolton."

With that, Bolton took off: We've been, "lucky since September 11." "Part of this presidential debate" is to "remind people that these threats are still real and it's taken a lot of effort to avoid the problem in the last several years." This, "notion of them attacking shopping malls or other soft targets" is something, "we need to take very seriously."

He said, "We're a society that thinks you can go shopping safely, go to restaurants and the like" but if "the terrorists" started, "even a limited attack," it could, "have a profound impact on the way we do our daily lives" and, "that would be what they were aiming at, precisely." If "the terrorists," "can't get the weapons of mass destruction they've been seeking all these years, a series of small attacks may produce nearly the kind of impact that they want."

Throughout the segment Fox went to a split screen and aired video of dogs sniffing boxes and trucks and anxious-looking people moving swiftly down New York City sidewalks.

Bolton said that due to the turmoil on Wall Street, "the terrorists" think, "now's the time to increase the terror...that's why I think looking at the shopping season from their distorted view of the way the world works -- it's a perfect time to go after us."

Comment: The terrorists think now's the time to increase terror? Seems to me the FBI, Fox, and the cons (one and the same) think now's the time to increase it too. So, happy holidays Merry Christmas America! -- but don't be too merry. Yes, we spend more on guns and bombs than all the other countries on the planet combined but be scared. Very scared. Very, very scared. Who knows? We might be reading the Koran come December 25.