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Pres Bush & Pres Sarkozy of France Have Love Fest

Reported by Donna - November 7, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smth they chose to run the whole question and answer session between President Bush and the President of France.

Could it be because a love fest was going on between them? They agreed and compliemented each other at every venue.

There was lots of talk about their concerms over Iran having nuclear weapons. There was also talk about concern tnat Pakistan was in dissaray, and they have nuclear weapons amd a country of 160 million people. Bush said he talked to Musharaff and told him that elections needed to be held soon and Musharaff needed to take off his uniform. (Comment: Like the pilot uniform Bush wore when he announced Mission Accomplished?)

Comment: I rarely see a whole question and answer session with a foreign leader but today was such a friendly visit (they are rare) that Fox wanted to get the whole thing on tv. Just like Fox disses Democrats, they only try to show friendly speeches and question and answer sessions of Bush. And they spend a lot of time on them.