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Pity Party Continues On Fox & Friends For Duane 'Dog' Chapman

Reported by Donna - November 7, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends the pity party continued for Duane 'Dog' Chapman, aka, a/k/a Dog the Bounty Hunter. This is following the whole hour that was devoted to him by Hannity and Colmes and reported by fellow News Hound, Ellen.

Duane 'Dog' Chapman was caught on tape saying the 'n' word several times.

Fox and Friends played the clip of Chapman apologizing and saying he'd kill himself to take back those words. Fox and Friends said that he apologized and what else does he have to do?
They said he had two sons in jail and didn't blame the one son for doing it for the money and their mother lives in Alaska and might have something to do with it. (Oh, so it's the mother's fault?)

They put out a poll question - Was his apology enough? Later on they said that they had not received one email that said Chapman had to do anything else.

Kilmeade said that Chapman was sincere, open, honest and even showed tears.They showed another clip of Chapman saying he now knows he can't say that word and he learned his lesson. Fox and Friends said they were trying to destroy this man. Gretchen Carlson said what else does this man have to do? Kelly said they were destroying the family for $15,000 and that was sad.

Comments: It's nice to see how compassionate the Fox gang (and Hannity as Ellen reported) can be when it's a white man using the 'n' word frequently.