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Illinois High School Students Newest Casualties In Bill O'Reilly's Culture War

Reported by Deborah - November 7, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly's audience was expected to be shocked and dismayed tonight because two high school students in Illinois were voted "cutest couple" even though they're lesbians. Laura Berman pleasantly endured O'Reilly's feigned outrage managing to clearly express a message of tolerant enlightenment.

O'Reilly was convinced that the kids at the high school were rebelling and just trying to rile up the adults. He pulled out his " I was a teacher" argument to prove his point. Laura Berman thought it was a good sign that a lesbian couple was openly included. She seemed genuinely surprised and amused that O'Reilly couldn't see it as a positive thing.

Bill chided Berman for not respecting the objections to this situation. He claimed people are concerned about the social and religious implications adding that minors shouldn't be expressing their sexuality. When Berman asked if he minded expression of heterosexual behavior in minors, he said that was acceptable.

Berman explained that gay teenagers are usually bullied and have a higher rate of drug problems and suicide so this incident is a good thing. Despite Berman's support and sound arguments, O'Reilly stayed in his cultural comfort zone suggesting they " go to a support group."

comment: Isn't it interesting that BOR found a story about lesbians on a Rosie bashing night? What an amazing coincidence.