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Fox's "Business News" Anchor Apologizes for Interrupting a Segment Smearing Democrats to Report Business News

Reported by Melanie - November 7, 2007 -

Since when does the anchor of a business news program apologize for reporting business news? Since today (November 7, 2007) when Neil Cavuto, the anchor of Fox's "premiere business news" program, interrupted a segment smearing Democrats for talking about doing away with the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and instituting programs to help children (i.e., "hiking" taxes) in order to report Cisco System's 1Q earnings.

(Video below.)

Roughly two minutes into a segment captioned, "Triple Digit Loss on Wall St., Anytime to Be Talking Tax 'Hikes'?" featuring Republican Strategist Angela McGlowan and Democratic Strategist Liz Chadderdon, Cavuto, who was arguing on behalf of the rich instead of "the folks," interrupted with:

Okay guys. I don't want to interrupt you but we are getting numbers out of Cisco Systems. Normally we don't overdo this sort of thing, certainly not on this show and we try to limit getting super-wonky even on the Fox Business Network, but because this is such an important technology bellwether -- some news coming on Cisco after the bell where they're reporting $0.40 a share.

Now, that does seem to be a little bit better than the estimates out there, we haven't sort of picked apart (sic), but the general estimates were for $0.36. This is better. We're going to try to get the worldwide number from Cisco shortly but that could be a good barometer for tomorrow, on a day that technology and virtually everything else was getting pummeled. I promise we won't overdo the nerd stuff but that was an important one for you to know.

Comment: Cavuto has never spoken truer words: "Normally we don't overdo this sort of thing, certainly not on this show..." Cavuto usually opens with roughly 60 seconds to six minutes of actual "business news." Only on Faux would its "premere business news" anchor apologize for overdoing it and being nerdy and super-wonky when reporting corporate earnings ten minutes in.

What clearer admission could there be that this show isn't about business news? Pitty Cavuto's poor "business news" audience who had to sit through this trivial interruption before getting back to the red meat, the real business on Fox -- bashing Democrats.

Here's the video.