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Fox Says Obama Wants Out Of The Back Seat? Plus A Breakdown Of Republican Presidential Candidates

Reported by Donna - November 7, 2007 -

Studio B with Shepard Smith spoke about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the two front runners in the Democratic primary election. Shepard Smith said that "Barack Obama wants out of the back seat." Smith said that Iowa was the battleground where Obama was fighting.

Major Garrett said that while Clinton was way ahead overall (23 points over Obama nationally) Major Garrett said it was too close to call in Iowa.

Garrentt brought up the fact of the bankruptcy plan that Hillary had to that of Obama. Obama said he had a completely different opinion than Hllary on the bankrupcty issue. But they didn't go into the policies. It sounded like Fox is trying to start a Hillary/Obama fight to water down the field.

On the Repubican side they had Pat Robertson surprisingly coming out for Rudy Giuliani while yesterday Brownback came out for McCain. Smith said the right wing was split and this had to be a problem for them. He said that James Dobson was threatening coming up with a third party candidate which would further split the Republicans.

Comments: Well, first of all Smith saying Barack Obama wanting out of the back seat could be taken as racist. At least he didn't say the back seat of the bus. The Republicans seem afraid of Hillary Clinton and want to pump up Baracks numbers.

As far as the Republcans are concerned, they sound like they are in a dissaray. It sounds like they are heading for a split. The Republicans don't have a solid front runner while the Democrats do. It sounds like Smith is telling the Republicans to get their act together.

Another thing - how does Pat Robertson come out for Giuliani when Giuliani is clearly pro choice? They said that Robertson named security for the country - which is the only thing that Giuliani is running on.