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FOX News uses sex segments to divert outrage from the real obscenity, the war

Reported by Chrish - November 7, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly is sort of FOX's preacher, or the father figure who scolds and punishes the wayward, appealing to the viewers who yearn for the "Father Knows Best" days of yore when minorities knew their place, women stayed home in servitude, kids were seen and not heard, and a man's home was his castle. Yes, those were the days - if you weren't a minority, a woman, or a kid. Hence O'Reilly's popularity among older white males who blame their lost stature on teevee even as they're glued to it.

See what they're getting with their "news" at FOXAttacks/decency

O'Reilly has a habit of lecturing about the decline of moral values, although he phrases it in the context of his book "Culture Warrior" and targets the "secular progressive" faction of society, who are allegedly out to abolish "traditional values." He routinely blasts Hollywood, television, the Internet, and the music industry for producing and selling media he considers harmful to the nation's moral fabric, scrupulously avoiding his owner's part in all these productions. (FOX Television retains high honors year after year for unsuitable programming, according to Brent Bozell's Family Television Council.)

He even asserted in "The State of the Union According to the Folks" that " Sixty-three percent believe the moral and ethical climate in America is declining. And it is. The Internet and an irresponsible media have hit traditional values hard."

Like the O'Reilly Factor?

O'Reilly has recently addressed such important topics as PETA using nude female images in ads promoting a healthy vegetarian diet, "Girls Gone Wild" participants suing the producer after the fact, and dating websites that only allow "hot" people to sign up - all so he could show related videos of scantily clad young women to the dirty old men who watch. Under the guise of reporting on Internet porn sites who publish pictures of the youngest girls allowed (18), the moral decadence exhibited at beaches during Spring break, and American Idol stars who take it all off for magazines, O'Reilly played videos and showed screenshots in the interest of letting his audience see what he's talking about, raising their, um, outrage.

I don't recall seeing any soft porn on my console TV growing up when my parents watched the Huntley-Brinkley report or later during the MacNeil-Lehrer Hour.

Now O'Reilly is far from alone in featuring soft porn during alleged "news" reports. Neil Cavuto is notorious for his Hooters' girls interviews and dropping chyrons to more amply exhibit the cleavage of his quests. John Gibson has been known to do the gratuitous story or two on Playboy bunnies and sexy Internet triplets campaigning for Mitt Romney, and the Anna Nicole Smith story came complete, day after day, with video segments of her physical assets. And it seemed no one could resist the Paris Hilton burger commercial as we followed her every move to prison, home again, back to prison, and finally, apparently, off the face of the earth.

Even prudish Hannity can't resist the sexy teachers stories, and he uses the opportunities to moralize about standards and expectations - why shouldn't teachers have a morals clause in their contracts, like he does? Not one to be outdone, O'Reilly even went so far, last night 11/5/07, as to suggest that teachers should be subjected to annual polygraph tests to assure that they are not fooling around with underage students or using drugs.

But O'Reilly is the king of hypocrisy so it's not surprising that he moralizes against the decline of decency while simultaneously promoting it. He intones that we won't see anything that we couldn't see at the beach - if your beach has stripper poles, flashers, erotic dancers, and Playboy bunnies. He excuses it saying he has to show folks what he's talking about, but that's nonsense - do we need to see corpses when we hear of car accidents, or flag-draped coffins when we speak of Iraq? Oh, scratch that - he doesn't speak of the "carnage du jour" in Iraq.

FOX puts the 'tit' in titillation and the ass, well that's usually in front of the camera.

Click here for a small sampling of FOX "news"worthy imagery.

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