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Fox & Friends Uses Every Opportunity To Diss Hillary Clinton

Reported by Donna - November 7, 2007 -

It was Fox and Friends this morning and they used every opportunity to diss Hillary. On one segment they talked about Kathleen Willey's new book that says that Bill Clinton tried to grope her. (Which has nothing to do with Hillary) (When I googled her book, this came up from free republic, of course)

The astonishing revelation was that Willey believes that the Clintons abducted one of her cats!

If this wasn't enough, Kilmeade had to say as a closing remark that he heard vases had been thrown.

(Comment) The Fox and Friends gang thinks they are so funny, they never pass up a chance to put Hillary down.

Later on they had pseudo pollster, Frank Luntz on to talk about how the Republican campaign for president was going. Surprise! Luntz immediately went into how the better Hillary does the better for Republicans. He then played a clip of Giuliani talking and showed his graph on how it went up slightly when Giuliani started putting down Hillary Clinton. (Comment: So, what Luntz is saying is that the Republicans have nothing and automatically went after Clinton) Greg Kelly, filling in for Doocy, said that he made a compelling case against Hillary.

Later on they talked about a poll (they didn't say what kind of poll) that asked if you would allow Hillary to babysit your children. 50% said yes, 50% said no. They did admit that no one else came close.

On a segment talking about giving undocumented workers a diferent kind of drivers license (Not like a regular license, it wouldn't give them the right to vote or fly) Kilmeade said at the end of the segment we still don't know where Hillary Clinton stands on this and the Republican guest laughed.

Comment: Throughout the program, Fox and Friends took jabs at Hillary Clinton whenever they could. Fair and balanced? I don't think so. Were there little jabs in various segments about Giuliani? No. In fact, when Luntz was on to tallk about where the Republicans were in the presidential campaign -- he brought up Hillary! Talking about abducting a cat as a big revelation? And where was the proof? Give me a break!