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Outrageous Quote of the Week 11/03/07

Reported by Chrish - November 5, 2007 -

One out of three people found this blithe dismissal of personal freedom most outrageous last week: " ... I think the list needs to be vetted and we need to implement it more seriously even if it means that 700,000 people will have their civil liberties violated. That's fine with me." - Aaron Klein. This week's contenders and contentions are after the jump; there's something from everyone!

Option A: "I assume that she'll keep the school open, but she's gotta hire some, I think, Americans to go in and oversee this."

"I mean, just put in one of the Oprah lackeys, and she's got a ton of them..."

Bill O'Reilly and Brian Kilmeade on abuse allegations at Oprah Winfrey's South African school for underprivileged girls, FOX and Friends 10/29/07.

Option B: "And you don't think with a license, you can do a lot, even - I don't know - get a voter registration card? That's what this is about, Adam. I'm sorry but that's what this is about." Neil Cavuto, during discussion of New York's proposed plan to license illegal immigrants, Cavuto on Business, 11/3/07

Option C: "But why is this an issue? 'Cause the war is going well and Democrats don't want to talk about that, so they've made up a Blackwater scandal." Fred Barnes, speaking about the investigation into the deaths of 17 Iraqis at the hands of Blackwater contractors, Special Report, 10/31/07

Option D: "Look, this is a proxy way of attacking the U. S. military. Democrats learned thirty years ago that if you attack American soldiers in war the way that John Kerry did thirty years ago, you suffer politically for thirty years and more. And nobody does that in this war. But these contractors, who are called mercenaries, are fair game and it's a way to actually do that. I would call them honorable Americans earning a living in a way that's helping the war effort and at high risk to themselves." Charles Krauthammer, discussing the Blackwater shooting in Iraq, Special Report, 10/31/07

Option E: "But I think it is very unattractive for a general election candidate, who wants to be the Commander in Chief of the free world, to be saying (alters voice to high pitch, petulantly) 'they're ganging up on me.' (normal voice) I mean, this is the NFL. This is not Wellesley vs Smith in field hockey. It's the NFL and now ... if she becomes President, it's not the NFL, it's the law of the jungle, where you've got very, very nasty people out there, and you can't say 'they're ganging up on me." Mort Kondracke, discussing Hillary Clinton's run for the Presidency, Special Report, 11/1/07

Option F: "If you've seen UFOs you probably shouldn't go around calling other people nuts. If you admit to seeing a UFO, martians, space creatures, big foot and all the rest, you are by definition on the defensive against a charge of craziness. The congressman doesn't eat meat. Perhaps that is an explanation." John Gibson remarking on Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich's admission to having seen an unidentified flying object, Big Story, 10/31/07

Option G: "He's on the street. He uses salty language. He admits it. And this is part of that language, and he wanted everybody to know. It is equivalent to him cursing, not an insult to people based on race." Sean Hannity "explaining" Duane "Dog" Chapman's racist rant, Hannity & Colmes 11/2/07