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O'Reilly Takes Another Jab At Robert Redford's New Film "Lions For Lambs"

Reported by Deborah - November 5, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly tried to smear Redford's new film Lions For Lambs for the second time tonight and it hasn't even been released yet. Using loaded chyrons like "Career Suicide" and "Anti-American" , he opined several times to his movie experts, Jeanne Wolf and Scott Foundas, that he was sure it would bomb but failed to get their support for his thumbs down prediction.

O'Reilly toned down his rhetoric from his last attack on Redford, 10/27/07, when he called him a liar. This time, he just tried to dismiss it as boring and bound to fail at the box office.

Jeanne Wolf claimed that Lions for Lambs was a film that makes you think and can not be labeled politically. O'Reilly had once again been harping about the failure of Rendition and now also In The Valley of Elah Wolf pointed out that audiences are staying away from anything about the war right now.

O'Reilly went back to his message claiming that "the folks" didn't like it in a survey. He wondered if it bombs will it hurt Redford and Cruise's careers. Foundas said Redford is " beyond the point of caring" and Cruise would just need to do another action film.

Jeanne Wolf pointed out that the box office expectations for a film like Lions for Lambs is different and if you only care about the profits, you're left with Vampire movies. O'Reilly bragged he's "a bottom line guy" and quipped that he doesn't mind vampires as long as they're pro America.

There was no discussion about what the movie is all about and surely that was no accident. Redford has been screening the film at Universities hoping to to get a dialogue going about the future. Here's a comment he made to students at Berkeley reported by The San Francisco Chronicle

"What are the conditions and factors that keep repeating these patterns?" Redford asks. "What is the mind-set that produces it? What's happened to us as a country that it keeps being about winning at any cost? How are young people treating education today, and how is it treating them? What's happened to the media because of all the corporate takeovers? What is it that would threaten our lives as individuals in a country that's supposed to represent everybody? I wanted to dramatize those kinds of questions and put them out there for an audience to think about."

These questions that Robert Redford wants his audience to ponder are the identical questions Bill O'Reilly wants his audience to avoid at all costs.