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Law and Order candidate Thompson's criminal crony might be "a bit of a distraction" on campaign trail

Reported by Chrish - November 5, 2007 -

The only mention this morning 11/5/07 in the two hour FOX and Friends program about Republican candidate Fred Thompson's friend and supporter who, it has been revealed, has a criminal history, was a brief and incomplete acknowledgement by Campaign Carl Cameron.

Cameron reported about Thompson

"...he's got a little bit of a scandal problem playing. [snip] Yesterday it was also revealed that a staffer, one of his top supporters on his finance team, has a criminal record going back something like 20 years for some marijuana arrests, large quantities of illegal substances. Yesterday he said he didn't know about it, it was a long time, he's not going to throw his friend under a bus, but he does intend to talk with him about it because this is the type of person on your campaign who could be a bit of a distraction, and it's expected in some way there'll be a bit of a seperation between the candidate and his old pal, so as not to let this sort of thing come up on the campaign trail too much more in the last eight or nine weeks before the first votes are cast."

The "staffer", Phil Martin, is one of four campaign co-chairmen. His name appeared in the lower banner but was never verbalized. This is another example of the "blip" style of journalism on FOX, when something unflattering to their side is duly reported, once, and then discarded. Unlike the "drip, drip, drip" method employed when the "scandal" is attached to a Democratic candidate or progresive person, there will be no faux outrage, no in-depth investigations into the person's past, and no revelations that, for example, the large amounts of "illegal substances" glazed over was $30,000 worth of cocaine or the fact that Martin was on probabtion for the sale of eleven pounds of pot when he was busted for the coke. I think details like that are important to so-called "values voters" and FOX is minimizing those unsavory facts to keep the tarnish off the Party.

Compare this to the continuing coverage afforded to the Clinton campaign when Sandy Berger was found to be consulting with Clinton, and FOX's bias is again apparent.