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Fox Guest Says We May Have To Allow Authoritarian Control (Fox Word - It Means Dictatorship) In Nuclear Power Pakistan

Reported by Donna - November 5, 2007 -

Studio B with Shepard Smith featured Michael O'Hanlon from the Brookings Institute and Lt General Tom McInerney to discuss the state of emergency declared in Pakistan.

Smith said to O'Hanlon that Brit Hume said it's one of those situations where you 'hold your nose and let it go.'

O'Hanlon said he thought more than that needed to be done.

Television stations have been shut down except for state sponsored television, the constitution has been disbanded, hundreds, if not thousands of lawyers have been arrested. Several protests have broke out and several people have been injured. It was reported that Musharaff was afraid that the Supreme Court would say his election was illegal, that you couldn't be the president and head of the military at the same time.

Studio B also went to a tape of President Bush who was meeting with the Prime Minister of Turkey. Bush said that the PKK was a terrorist group and was the enemy of Turkey, free Iraq and the United States. Bush said that the U.S. would share intelligence on the PKK with Turkey.

It was also reported that Bush urged Musharaff to restore Democracy to Pakistan.

Smith also spoke about the Taliban prisoners that were released in exchange for some Pakistan prisoners. O'Hanlon said they needed to hear more about this prisoner exchange and who these terrorists were that were released.

McInerney said that Pakistan was fighting against radical Islamics and that was why Musharaff declared a state of emergency and took the steps that he did. McInerney also said that sometimes you have to give up the constitution and give it up to authoritarian rule until things settled down. McInerney said you have to restore democracy as soon as possible but sometimes you have to have authoritarian command.

Comment: Now we have another dictatorship in the Middle East. And this one, Pakistan, has nuclear capabilities. Brit Hume's statement about 'holding your nose and letting it go' was ridiculous. Not only that but Turkey is threatening to open another front in Iraq by invading Iraq from the north. Bush, of course, has promised to combat the militants.

How exactly is Bush bringing peace to the Middle East? They said a poll was taken in Pakistan and Bush was at 20%, Musharaff was in single digits and Osama Bin Laden was at 50%.

People need to remember that Pakistan has nukes and what will Musharaff do to stay in power and keep his dictatorship? Scary. But McInerney says sometimes you have to do that (have authoritarian rule, or in other words, a Dictator, in power).

They admitted that the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Pakistan has grown stronger. This is a case of it's ok to be a dictator, as long as you're our dictator. Our dictator who is releasing Taliban prisoners and Hume saying 'hold your nose and let it go.'